Here are some of the most commonly used Donaldson compressed air dryers available today

Friday - 19/04/2024 23:02
With the increasing demand for compressed air, Donaldson compressed air dryers have established themselves as a leading brand capable of meeting all system needs, from simple to complex. With years of experience in the compressed air industry, Donaldson has developed various types of refrigerated air dryers, adsorption air dryers, and other specialized models to meet every customer's requirement.
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Top 5 Most Common Donaldson Compressed Air Dryers

  1. Buran Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

  • Suitable for flow rates ranging from 20 to 1,650 m³/h.
  • Low power consumption and low pressure drop.
  • Compact design, easy installation and operation, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Allows for the installation of both pre-filters and after-filters with Buran's new design, achieving higher quality compressed air.
  • Dew point pressure range: +3 to +7°C.
  1. Boreas Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer with Vario Pulse
  • Flow rates ranging from 1,800 to 28,500 m³/h.
  • Utilizes R-513A refrigerant technology, environmentally friendly.
  • Low pressure drop thanks to the exclusive design of the Boreas heat exchanger combined with large flow heat exchangers, significantly reducing operating costs.
  • Eliminates water condensation with the Ultramat® swirl separation design from Donaldson at a water discharge valve.
  • Space-saving design with air intake at the front and hot air exhaust at the top, allowing for compact installation in locations adjacent to walls or other equipment.
  1. Bora DHP High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • The flow rate of the Bora DHP refrigerated air dryer ranges from 25 to 5,000 m³/h.
  • It can operate at ambient temperatures up to 50°C, with inlet compressed air pressures up to 50 bar, and maximum inlet temperatures of 60°C.
  • Donaldson optimizes heat transfer in both compressed air exchange and in the cold compressed air heat exchange (block) by using a two-stage heat exchanger. This results in lower energy consumption, significantly reducing energy requirements compared to other conventional heat exchange devices.
  1. Brisa SE High Capacity Refrigerated Air Dryer by Donaldson
  • Suitable for applications requiring compressed air treatment with flow rates ranging from 10,500 to 50,000 m³/h.
  • Optimized design for extremely low pressure differentials.
  • Equipped with a four-stage power control system for the refrigeration compressor.
  • Features a control monitoring system controlled by a microprocessor. The overflow operation of the cold vaporizers ensures that the Donaldson refrigerated air dryer has excellent standard characteristics.
  1. Ultrapac 2000 Superplus/Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

The Ultrapac 2000 Superplus (midi and mini) is Donaldson's line of refrigerated air dryers providing clean and dry air. Dew point ranges from -70ºC to -40ºC. Donaldson's modular design for this equipment includes a pre-filter and after-filter linkage setup. The desiccant material contained within the machine can be easily replaced with a cartridge box. The control unit, equipped with a microprocessor, is capable of alerting for optimal replacement of filter elements, ensuring maintenance and operating costs are kept to a minimum. The text display screen provides clear and readable information about operational status, faults, and maintenance requirements.

Above are reviews of the Top 5 common Donaldson air dryer models and their features. Hopefully, this article has provided valuable information about this type of compressed air equipment for our customers.

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