IntelliFlow Electronic Flow Controller - Ingersoll Rand

IntelliFlow Electronic Flow Controller - Ingersoll Rand

Product code: S000138


IntelliFlow, Ingersoll Rand’s line of electronic flow controllers, creates a buffer between air supply and air demand. This allows for more effective use of air storage and a continuous dynamic response to demand fluctuations to actively stabilize system pressure… thereby eliminating the requirement to turn on extra compressors or to elevate pressures.

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Balancing Pressure Supply and Demand

Pressure instability, even a one-time pressure drop, frequently causes operators to elevate air pressure. But this fix also increases the air consumption of all poorly regulated processes…including the leak rate! For example, in a nominal 100 psig air system, a 15 psig increase in pressure will use approximately 10-12% more compressed air, PLUS use 7.5% more energy to compress. Installing an IntelliFlow controller, combined with proper storage and control, will provide a capacitance (stored energy) effect for sudden high volume system demands, eliminating the energy and maintenance costs associated with elevating the pressure… and adding profit to the bottom line!

The IntelliFlow constantly monitors the demand of air pressure and dynamically adjusts to utilize storage, increase volume
flow and stabilize pressure as needed.

IntelliFlow can also prioritize and protect critical processes or zones in the air system. Many systems have pressure critical processes, which can stop working or create waste if the pressure drops below a minimum level. IntelliFlow’s backpressure control ensures the proper pressure prioritization to prevent this problem.

In addition, IntelliFlow’s “Combination Control” automatically switches control between forward system control and
backpressure priority control based on user defined set points.


  • High capacity, low pressure drop
  • 3-valve manual bypass with fittings
  • Forward, backpressure and combination control
  • Electronic control (standard)
  • Mounted c-UL NEMA 12 panel
  • Multiple pressure set points
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Mounted dual pressure sensors
  • Network communication ready
  • X-Series visualization ready
  • Complete mounted & wired assembly

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