P-SRF Sterile Air Filter Elements

P-SRF Sterile Air Filter Elements

Product code: S000070


The P-SRF is designed for the filtration of compressed air, process air, and technical gases in the processed food and beverage industry.

Product details

The P-SRF offers a log reduction value (LRV) of 7 for particles 0.01 micron and larger, helping to ensure the purity of process gases. This element is constructed with a stainless steel frame which allows for high-temperature applications and vapor phased hydrogen peroxide (VPHP) sterilization. The borosilicate media is binder-free and offers large amounts of void space for improved flow characteristics.


  • High-quality stainless steel construction ensures excellent mechanical stability, thermal resistance up to 200° C / 392° F
  • Proprietary three-dimensional binder-free borosilicate depth filter media
  • Depth filter medium is non-fiber releasing and inheritlantly hydrophobic
  • Integrity testable according to HIMA* and validated retention of bacteria and viruses


  • PET Bottle Blowing
  • Aseptic packaging of processed foods and beverages
  • Fermentation air
  • Tank blanketing

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