Cross Flow Systems

Cross Flow Systems

Product code: S000099


The Cross Flow System is a fully automated solution for the clarification and stabilization of process and ingredient liquids. The system allows for multi-stage filtration and customers can opt for custom-designed vessels with integrated smart sensor technology offering an optimal process workflow.

Product details

Tangential flow filtration (Cross flow filtration) refers to a process in which an unfiltered product (retentate) flows tangentially across a membrane surface. The turbulence created across the membrane surface reduces fouling and provides better flux performance and prolongs filter life functionally compared to dead-end filtration applications. The thrust produced tangentially allows for working at low pressure, thus avoiding compression and the consequent stress of the product.

Our Cross Flow System comes with a 21.5-inch touch panel, pre-filter (strainer), dry running protection, over- and under-pressure protection, automatic backwash, and two tanks to buffer filtrate and retentate and centrifugal pumps for supply and transfer of the product. Filtration and CIP programs run completely automatically and can easily be monitored and adapted.


  • Excellent option for small to medium-sized beverage companies 
  • Works on a variety of products – both still and sparkling liquids
  • Interchangeable membranes (polymeric/ceramic membranes)
  • Helps to reduce your product loss


  • Automatic Chemical Dosing System (for CIP)
  • Interchangeable membrane


  • Clarification of fermented beverages
  • Clarification of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Concentration or purification of cells cultures, bacteria, viruses, or enzymes
  • Separations between micro-organisms and culture medium or active ingredients

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