Steam Manifolds

Steam Manifolds

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Donaldson’s Steam Manifolds are designed for the purification of culinary and process steam and yield low differential pressure at high flow rates. They are to be used in new or existing culinary and process steam applications, including anywhere Donaldson steam filters are sold today.

Product details

All-In-One Steam Solution

Our Steam Manifolds allow customers to purchase not only the steam filter and housing but a ready-to-install steam solution with housings, condensate traps, lockable isolation valves as well as upstream and downstream pressure gauges -  all from one supplier.

Culinary Steam Manifolds

Donaldson Culinary Steam Manifolds are designed for direct food contact applications. US Culinary Steam products also include a sanitary check valve and sampling valve to incorporate all required piping components listed in the 3-A Accepted Practice for culinary steam. Culinary steam is free of entrained contaminants and suitable for use in direct contact with food products or product contact surfaces.

Process Steam Manifolds

Process Steam Manifolds are designed for non-food contact applications. Process steam is used as a source of energy for many process applications like heating and temperature control. Improved steam quality ensures increased process efficiency and longer service life of downstream heat transfer equipment.


  • Pre-assembled with minimal on-site assembly
  • Minimal installation downtime
  • Compact design with ergonomic housing heights
  • Integrated isolation valves for easy filter replacement
  • Upstream and downstream pressure gauges for filter performance monitoring
  • Low differential pressure drop
  • High flow rate capabilities
  • Long service life
  • Optional support stand


  • Sterilization of product contact surfaces
  • Sterilization In Place (SIP)
  • Upstream of process equipment (heat exchangers)


  • Breweries
  • Bottled water
  • Wineries
  • Dairy
  • Chemical

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