DF-T Compressed Air Filter Elements

DF-T Compressed Air Filter Elements

Product code: S000061


The innovative three-stage DF-T filter is used for the purification of compressed air and gases in smallest places.

Product details

The unique filter element combines 3 purification stages in one filter housing - a coalescence filter, an activated carbon adsorber and a high performance particle filter. It achieves quality class 1 acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010.

The DF-T is ideally suitable as terminal filter, where the highest quality of compressed air is necessary and only small place for installation is available.

The Economizer is integrated into the DF-Three filter housing and signals when a element replacement is recommended. Monitoring of changes in differential pressure and service time ensure optimal performance of the DF-Three.

The three-stage filter can be used for applications up to 65 scfm flow rate at 100 psig and is used in the unique DF-T Filter Housing.


  • Combination of high performance coalescing filter, activated carbon adsorber and sub-micron filter - Reliable achievement of Class 1 compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Three purification stages in one filter - Space savings of up to 60% and reduced time and effort in installation and maintenance required
  • Economizer - Reliable monitoring of the service lifetime of the filter element and differential pressure
  • Optimized flow design - Low differential pressure which leads to energy savings
  • Bayonet lock on housing - High safety during operation because the filter cannot be opened under pressure

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