MF / MFP / P-MF Compressed Air Filter Elements

Product code: S000064


Donaldson MF UltraPleat™/ MFP / P-MF  filter elements are designed for the removal of water and oil aerosols as well as solid particles from compressed air and gases with absolute retention efficiency at a low differential pressure.

Product details

The coalescence filter elements are based on three-dimensional microfiber fleece made of coated borosilicate glass fibers, oleophobic and hydrophobic media.

The MF UltraPleat and MFP filter elements are suitable for AG, SG, and HD filter housings. The P-MF filter elements are used in our P-EG and PG-EG housings.

The elements are also available in HTNX (high temperature resistant) and HTCR (high temperature and corrosive resistant) versions for use in harsh environments. 


  • Expanded inner and outer stainless steel sleeves for the secure hold of the filter medium - No danger of corrosion, large openings ensure low differential pressure drop and high throughput
  • UltraPleat™ Technology - reliable achievement of highest retention rate for oil and water aerosols as well as particles with lowest differential presssure (MF)
  • Binder-free depth filter medium made out of borosilicate glass fibers - Low differential pressure drop, high throughput
  • Removal of liquid aerosols and solid particles down to 0.01 micron - Validated retention efficiency, high level of security and safety (P-MF)
  • Silicone-free version available (MFP)
  • High temperature resistant (HTNX) and high temperature and corrosive resistant (HTCR) versions available for use in harsh environments
  • Validated performance data according to ISO 12500-1 and ISO 12500-3 - Reliable achievement of the compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1:2010 (MF UltraPleat) 

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