Activated Carbon Tower 30 - 5700 m3/h

Activated Carbon Tower 30 - 5700 m3/h

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When your production process demands high quality air without oil vapors and hydrocarbons, Ingersoll Rand's line of activated carbon towers provides exceptional  contaminate removal in a low-maintenance package. Our high-quality activated carbon filling gets up to 8,000 hours of run time to maximize uptime and optimize your total cost of ownership. With multiple options and configurations available, an activated carbon tower can be sized to your precise needs, ensuring that you receive the equipment your process needs, and nothing it doesn't.

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  • Superior Air Quality: High-quality activated carbon filling provides exceptional contamination removal of oil vapors and hydrocarbon odors for ultra high-quality compressed air that meets ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 standards on oil purity (maximum remaining oil content of 0,003mg/m3 (<0,003 ppm) at 21°C when recommended standard pre in-line filtration is used)
  • Flexible Design: Multiple configurations available, including compact modular designs for smaller flow applications and tower designs for higher flow needs
  • Low Maintenance: Long-lasting activated carbon gets up to 8,000 hours of run time, reducing downtime and costs associated with more frequent change outs 
  • System Advantage: Compatible with the entire portfolio of Ingersoll Rand products so you benefit from a single, trusted partner for all your compressed air needs

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