ECO-Filter HF Main Filter Elements for Centrifugal Compressors

ECO-Filter HF Main Filter Elements for Centrifugal Compressors

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The ECO-Filter HF is a high-quality main filter element for centrifugal compressors that provides reduced energy costs and longer on-stream life. The innovative two-stage design provides up to a 40% lower clean pressure drop and up to an 89% higher dusting holding capacity as compared to competitive products.

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Designed specifically for centrifugal air compressors, the ECO-Filter HF is an innovative inlet filter element that works to increase the life of your compressor while reducing your costs. The integrated two-stage element allows you to go longer between change outs to ease serviceability requirements.​

  • Polyurethane gasket comes integrated with the filter frame and is highly pliable and seamless to ensure a leak-free seal​
  • Micro-fiberglass filter media reduces clean air pressure drop to increase energy efficiency and has a 99.97% removal efficiency a 2.0 micron​
  • Polystyrene frame is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and incinerable to enhance useful life



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