Filter Test Center

Filter Test Center

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The Donaldson Filter Test Center (FTC) serves to determine the filter efficiency of sterile and ventilation filters. It contains all the required components to perform an easy and safe test of filter elements and has room in every lab due to its compact structure.

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The installed process computer takes over all of the important functions during the measuring process, resulting in an easy and clear operation for the user. The FTC is therefore suitable for series tests, as well as for occasional examinations of individual filter elements.

This instrument is suitable for the testing of the following filter elements:

  • P-SRF C
  • P-SRF V
  • P-SRF
  • Other sterile air/gas depth filters
  • Liquid depth filters


  • Integrity test on sterile air/gas depth filters
  • Integrity test on ventilation filters
  • Integrity test on liquid depth filters
  • Easy handling
  • Fast and reliable results

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