LifeTec™ PES-WN Liquid Filter Elements

LifeTec™ PES-WN Liquid Filter Elements

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The LifeTec™ PES-WN filter element provides sterile filtration and microbial stabilization of food ingredients and beverages.

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The outstanding performance of the PES-WN filter element is based on its state-of-the-art filtration media. The hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane distinguishes itself by having an asymmetrically designed pore structure.

The pore size steadily decreases towards the center of the medium resulting in a highly porous structure.

This extremely durable design maintains consistent porosity and impurity retention throughout its service life without shedding or unloading contaminants.


  • Sterile grade membrane filters with a log reduction value of 7 for 0.2, 0.45 & 0.6 micron
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Highly robust polypropylene construction protects against deformation
  • Extremely low adsorption of proteins
  • High thermal stability, permanently hydrophilic
  • Approved for Food Contact use according to US CFR Title 21 & EC/1935/2004


Clarification and sterilization of:

  • Mineral and Spring Bottled Water
  • Ingredient water
  • Juice
  • Soft drinks
  • Processed Food Ingredients
  • Alcoholic Beverages

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