MAESTRO Universal Centrifugal Compressor Control System

MAESTRO Universal Centrifugal Compressor Control System

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With a robust feature set and easy-to-use interface, the advanced MAESTRO™ Universal controller will optimize operation for both new and existing compressed air systems.

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Optimize Compressor Performance and Lower Your Costs

MAESTRO Universal is a state-of-the-art air control system for managing centrifugal compressor performance, and the standard controls solution for new MSG® TURBO-AIR® and MSG® centrifugal compressors manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Our engineering team can design a customized MAESTRO Universal controller upgrade for existing compressed air systems. Unique instrumentation packages and monitoring functions are configured to optimize compressor performance for each installation and, in many cases, existing equipment can be reused to achieve further savings.

Multiple Compressor Management (MCM)

By connecting and controlling several control panels as a team, MAESTRO Universal can load/unload and start/stop compressors as needed to modulate compressors, maximizing the efficiency of the entire compressed air system.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all makes and models of centrifugal compressors
  • Quick set-up, easy configuration
  • Robust feature set for total control of your compressed air system
  • Alarm and trip e-mail alerts
  • Selectable home page
  • Event history and diagnostics
  • Auto start/stop
  • Expandable IO (show IO channel counts for up to 3 modules)
  • Cooling water control
  • Integrated TDP control
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-use color LCD interface supports over 30 languages
  • Remote monitoring with built-in web server
  • USB Port for access to software upgrades, event history and data logging for diagnostics

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