PG-IL Liquid Filter Housings

PG-IL Liquid Filter Housings

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Donaldson PG-IL sanitary, in-line filter housings are designed for liquid filtration when traditional t-style housings are not practical.

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The slim, compact design of PG-IL housings allows them to be installed in tight spaces and, when used in gas or liquid applications, either in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The housings are equipped with 1½" Tri-Clamp®* inlet and outlet connections and ½" Tri-Clamp® vent/drain ports. PG-IL housings are BPE compliant and 3-A certified.

Housings are available in four sizes with a capacity up to 68 L/min / 24 gpm for liquid. Standard housing come standard with Code 7/Code 2 element connections.


  • BPE compliant, CRN and 3-A certified
  • Capacity up to 68 L/min / 24 gpm for liquid
  • Available in 5 lengths - 5", 10", 20", 30", and 40"
  • Inner surface finish to an Ra 15, Outer Surface Finish to an Ra 32
  • 316SS is standard, 304 SS is available on request

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