Steam Filter Elements

Steam Filter Elements

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We provide a number of innovative steam upgrades for existing competitor steam elements, including stainless steel and carbon cylinders. Donaldson uses industry leading technology to develop drop-in replacements for competitive steam filters.

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Our steam filtration product line effectively removes contaminants from steam systems and protects end users' product and process integrity.

Our filter elements have a long service life and can be regenerated through the use of ultrasonic baths.

We offer high-quality, drop-in replacements for the steam product lines below:


  • PSS Porous Metal Filter Cartidges

Parker-Domnick Hunter:

  • Pleated Stainless Steel (ZCHS)
  • Sintered Stainless Steel (ZCSS)

RP Adams:

  • Poro-Carbon Tube

Multiple Technology Options Available:

  • Pleated stainless steel media - Lower pressure drop and longer filter life
  • Sintered stainless steel media - Lower cost
  • Advanced technology - Allows Donaldson's 5 micron elements to meet the 3-A standard for culinary steam
  • Many models in stock and ready to ship

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