Ultrapure Smart ALG Breathing Air Systems

Ultrapure Smart ALG Breathing Air Systems

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The Ultrapure Smart breathing air systems are purification units based on Ultrapac Smart adsorption dryers to supply breathing air.

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The purification package removes particulates, liquid oil, oil vapor, CO, CO2, NOX, and SO2 as a plug & play solution package. Installation and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced by using this compact purification unit to generate breathing air.

Ultrapure Smart provides breathing air quality that complies with relevant international standards such as Pharmacopée Européenne; DIN EN 12021; DIN EN ISO 7396-1; BS4275; ANSI/CGA G.7.1; Z180, 1M85 or NZL5813.

Compressed Air Purification in Four Stages

  1. The integrated prefilter retains solid particulates and liquid aerosols (oil/water).
  2. The adsorption dryer adsorbs the moisture in the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40 °C/-40 °F, at 100 % nominal load.
  3. In the following purification stage, CO is removed by a catalyst, and CO2, SO2, and NOx are adsorbed. Furthermore, oil vapors, hydrocarbons, taste, and odors are adsorbed.
  4. In the last step, remaining solid particles up to 0.01 μm are retained in the integrated afterfilter.

The Ultrapure Smart provides reliable operational safety due to high adsorption capacity, longer filter life, and excellent purification performance.

Compact Design

The Ultrapure Smart impresses through its compact and space-saving design with all components in one unit: Adsorption dryer incl. pre- and afterfilter and purification cartridges for oil vapor, CO-, CO2-, NOx- and SO2-removal.

Quiet Operation

Ultrapure Smart breathing air purification systems include the UltraSilencer for a quiet operating volume with noise emissions in the range of just 60 dB. This matches the volume of a normal conversation and effectively leads to a noise reduction in the workplace.

Controller Variants

Superplus Standard
Touch Display LED Signal
  • Alarm contact
  • Smart connectivity    
  • Ultraconomy (dew point control)
  • Intermittent operation (compressor coupling)
  • Alarm contact
  • Intermittent operation (compressor coupling)

Innovative UltraPleat Filtration Technology

UltraPleat filtration technology uses a new structure of coated high-tech fibers that are processed into a pleated filter medium with a high separation efficiency of liquid particles and a huge adsorption capacity for solid particles.

Service-friendly Cartridge

The Ultrapure Smart’s design allows for easy maintenance and service. All relevant components are easily accessible; filter elements and desiccant cartridge can be quickly and easily exchanged.


  • Validated, reliable performance in producing breathing air quality according to DIN EN 12021 and DIN EN ISO 7396-1
  • Compact and space-saving system with all components in one unit
  • UltraSilencer reduces noise pollution and helps provide safe working conditions
  • Easy handling of maintenance and service
  • Industry 4.0 ready


The compact compressed air purification system Ultrapure Smart can be used wherever breathing air according to DIN EN 12021 and DIN EN ISO 7396-1 is needed. Examples of industries with these applications:

  • Medical
  • Paint and Finish
  • Industrial Machinery

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