Water-Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air and Gases

Water-Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air and Gases

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The UFK-W aftercooler for compressed air and gases is designed to cool compressed air or other gases and are an efficient and economical way to reduce the temperature of your compressed air system.

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The aftercooler is installed directly after the compressor and economically cools the compressed air, removing bulk water from the air stream. The cooler works in a counterflow procedure where the hot compressed air is cooled down by eliminating heat over the cooling tubes that are filled with cooling water. Condensate is subsequently drained by a cyclone separator.

The UFK-W series contains 9 different sizes with a volume flow for 100 to 5,000 m³/h / 59 to 2,943 scfm with fixed nest of boiler tubes and 9 different sizes for 450 to 10,500 m³/h / 265 to 17,840 scfm with removable nest of boiler tubes (related to 7 bar g / 100 psig).

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