Ultrasep US Oil Water Separators

Ultrasep US Oil Water Separators

Product code: S000042


Donaldson Ultrasep US oil water separators effectively and efficiently separate oil and water from compressed air condensate.

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The need for condensate management occurs when liquid condensate is generated at several points throughout a compressed air system, including the outlet of the compressors themselves, within accumulator tanks, cyclone separators, coalescing filters, and refrigeration compressed air dryers.

Whenever condensate forms, it must be removed from the compressed air system and discharged in a manner that is both efficient and economical.

Donaldson Ultrasep US oil water separators include oil separation filters with polypropylene fibers with an oleophilic and hydrophobic coating that separates mineral and synthetic oils and even emulsified condensates. The mixture is purified to a residual oil content of ≤ 10 mg/l (≤ 10 ppm). They are designed to meet or exceed those discharge levels as efficiently and economically as possible. The Ultrasep US oil water separator is available in six models ranging from 3.5 to 60 m³/min (124 to 2119 scfm) that can be extended to higher capacities by using multiple units in parallel with the flow distributor option.


  • Separates all types of mineral and synthetic compressor lubricants and even emulsions
  • Includes high-performance oil separation filters
  • Performance control with filter life indicator and sample test bottle as well as overflow indicator included
  • Quick and easy service and maintenance
  • Flow distributor available for multiple installations of separators for large condensate flow.

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