Air Compressor Rentals

Air Compressor Rentals

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Ingersoll Rand Rental Services offer a range of air compressors, accessories and equipment available to rent whenever and wherever you need it. Keep your facility running efficiently. Move fast in emergencies. Or plan ahead for production changes. It’s all simple and easy with an Ingersoll Rand air compressor rental.

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Why Choose Ingersoll Rand Rental Services? 

  • Team of experts available for industry-specific advice and guidance 
  • Wide range of solutions to fit your industry and application needs available with fast, stress-free installation 
  • Electric rental compressors operate at a lower cost and are more environmentally friendly than the diesel alternative 

Whether it’s an emergency, a last-minute change in your production plan or a rise in demand, we at Ingersoll Rand understand that when the air stops, the production stops. So we offer a range of high-quality air compressor rentals to keep your operation up and running - a simple and easy solution to a potentially disastrous problem. It is also a solution that is more energy efficient than a diesel rental machine. Why worry about emissions and fuel costs when you can easily install one of our robust electric rental compressors? 

Our experts will be more than happy to customize your Contingency Plan to ensure they understand your level of financial risk and which of our rental systems will best fit your application, industry and needs. 

What can you expect when hiring from Ingersoll Rand? 

  • A fast, efficient consultation and service, including fast delivery and installation from our dedicated experts 
  • High-quality air compressor equipment suited for every sector and application 
  • Lower operating cost with our energy-efficient solutions 

What Rental Air Compressors do we offer?

  • Rent Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

Trust Ingersoll Rand to provide you with a high-performance, efficient oil-flooded solution that guarantees industry-leading productivity to enhance your operations. These rotary screw compressors are designed to fulfil your application needs in a cost and time-effective way with an unrivalled on-site experience.

  • Rent Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

Get your operations back up and running as soon as possible with our Ingersoll Rand oil-free rotary screw compressors. By renting one of these solutions, you can expect unmatched on-site experience, performance and reliability. Our expert team will happily assign one of our oil-free models to your exact industry or application needs to ensure you are in the best position to continue your operations efficiently.

  • Rent Refrigerated Dryers

Ingersoll Rand Rental Services offer a range of our refrigerated dryer solutions to suit your specific application needs. Our dryers have been designed and manufactured to ensure unmatched reliability, efficiency and performance, making sure you can get clean, refrigerated air whenever and wherever you need it. Ingersoll Rand refrigerated dryers satisfy ISO 7183 industry standards and are able to operate at a constant dew point at all load levels. This ensures consistent, reliable dry air production.

  • Rent Desiccant Dryers

Our desiccant systems are a high-power, durable way to produce reliable compressed air that is thoroughly dried. This allows for consistent, high-quality air, allowing you peace of mind at every stage of your operations. Whether you are in need of a heated or heatless dryer, at Ingersoll Rand Rental Services, we offer a variety of high-quality desiccant dryers to suit a range of industries and application needs.

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