Performance services

Performance services

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Anybody can give you a diagnostic report. Only Ingersoll Rand Performance Services delivers real Return on Inspection: Detailed data and actionable insights that can transform your compressed air system's performance.
Whether your goal is to boost productivity, decrease waste, optimize efficiency, or plan for the future, you can gain valuable information about production and efficiency, identify leaks in your system, and receive recommendations for cost savings and enhanced reliability with Ingersoll Rand Performance Services.

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Explore our four core services below:

Electronic Assessment

  • Gain valuable information about compressor performance
  • Understand your energy consumption and true flow production
  • Monitor and evaluate variable events throughout the production day
  • Determine if changes are required, and receive solid recommendations based on current air consumption requirements

Air Leak Assessment

  • Identify air leaks in your compressed air system, prioritized in order of severity
  • Receive accurate CFM scoring for objective measurement
  • See cost and projected ROI for any required repairs Identify areas of opportunity in the compressed air system

System Assessment

  • Analyze your system’s response to production requirements
  • Assess the system’s true production efficiency
  • Receive recommendations for cost savings, reliability, and productivity based on return on investment
  • Helps to plan for current and future expenses and events

Centrifugal Capability Test

  • Capability Testing will show the health of the unit versus design
  • Data such as amps, pressures, temperatures, vibrations are collected at current conditions and then compared to the design of the unit
  • Assessing the health of your compressor(s) and budgeting for immediate and future maintenance needs of your system
  • Ensures that your air compressor is operating at peak capability

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