A Series Compressed Air Filter Elements

A Series Compressed Air Filter Elements

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The A Series of adsorption filter is designed for the removal of oil vapor, hydrocarbons and odors from compressed air and gas.

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The A Series adsorption filter consists of two filter stages. At the adsorption stage, oil vapor, hydrocarbons and odors are removed by activated carbon adsorption. In the second, depth filter stage, particles are removed. In addition, support fleece and an outer stainless steel support sleeve ensure proper fixation of the adsorption and filter stage.

The flow direction through the filter is from inside to outside. With appropriate pre-purification, a residual oil content of <0,003 mg/m³ is achieved.

Donaldson A elements are used in our DF compressed air housing.


  • Flow optimized design – Minimum pressure losses, therefore savings of energy costs
  • High packing density and inner surface of activated carbon foam – High adsorption capacity and improved efficiency guarantee optimum purification performance over the whole life time
  • Flow distributor at filter inlet – Reduces flow resistance and ensure optimum oncoming flow of the adsorption material
  • Activated carbon embedded in support foam – Prevention of activated carbon abrasion
  • Microfiber fleece depth filter stage at filter outlet -– Improvement of particle retention (class 2 acc. to ISO8573-1 achievable)


  • Breathing air supply
  • Prefiltration of sterile air
  • Filling machines
  • Packaging machines

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