ALG Breathing Air Systems

ALG Breathing Air Systems

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Ultrapure™ ALG breathing air systems are heatless desiccant dryers that provide purified air that meets all relevant international standards and medical prescriptions.
This breathing air package includes the absorption dryer, CO, CO2, NOX and SO2 precipitation, pre- and after-filter, and automatic level-controlled condensate drain.
Purification is carried out over 7 stages of drying and filtration.

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  • Breathing air package including absorption dryer, CO, CO2, NOX and SO2 precipitation, pre and after filter and automatic level-controlled condensate drain – No additional components required
  • Guaranteed and validated separation efficiency – Breathing air quality in compliance with all relevant international standards, e.g. Pharmacopée Européenne; DIN EN 12021; DIN EN ISO 7396-1; BS4275; ANSI/CGA G.7.1; Z180, 1 M85; AS2299-1979; NZL5813
  • Cabinet version – Optimum protection against mechanical damage and against dirt
  • Display of the operating status by LED – High operating safety, since all operating status can be detected easily at any time
  • Intermittent operation standard – Link between dryer and compressor possible on central applications, therefore saving of compressed air
  • Optimal adaptation and generous dimensioning of the components

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