LifeTec™ PT N Sterile Air Filter Elements

LifeTec™ PT N Sterile Air Filter Elements

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The Donaldson LifeTec™ PT N filter element with Tetratex® ePTFE membrane provides exceptional filtration performance, stability, and durability in critical processed food and beverage applications.

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The innovative design allows for maximum durability, exceptional load capacity, and outstanding impurity retention without shedding or unloading contaminants.

Donaldson's Tetratex ePTFE membrane media provides a 99.99999% filter efficiency at 0.2 micron. It has a retention rate LRV of 7 for 0.2 micron contaminants.


  • Excellent material resistance towards aggressive contaminates
  • Donaldson's inherently hydrophobic Tetratex ePTFE membrane
  • Sterile grade at 0.2 micron (HIMA/ASTM)
  • Low pressure drop at high flow rates
  • Biologically inert
  • Approved for Food Contact Use according to CFR Title 21 & 1935/2004/EC


Processed Food and Beverage Applications:

  • Aseptic packaging
  • Carbon dioxide as an ingredient
  • Fermentation air
  • Tank ventilation
  • Nitrogen blanketing

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