DF Compressed Air Filter Housings

DF Compressed Air Filter Housings

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The filter design combines high performance, greater efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and safety.

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  • High performance - the flow-optimized filter design, paired with innovative filtration technology, reduces pressure loss by 50% compared to conventional filters.
  • Safety - the unique bayonet lock ensures that the filter cannot be opened under pressure for increased safety.
  • Energy savings - you will find that greater energy savings are achieved through timely filter element replacement. Element change out is determined by the Economizer that continuously measures the differential pressure. An integrated microprocessor evaluates the measured data and compares the higher energy costs caused by pressure loss with the costs of a new filter element.


  • Multiple housing sizes, element types and accessories - Allows for unique and specialized solutions for each application.
  • Optimized flow design - Reduced pressure drop by 50% - minimum pressure loss means lower energy consumption compared to conventional filters.
  • Performance data is validated according to ISO 12500-1 (oil aerosols), 12500-2 (oil vapors) and 12500-3 (particles) - Reliable filtration of compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010.
  • Filter element can be removed together with filter bowl - Minimizes space needed for filtration installation and servicing.
  • Code clip inside the filter bowl can be changed for multiple flow directions through the element - Dual use housings can be used either as a coalescing filter (inside to outside flow) or a particulate filter (outside to inside flow).
  • Bayonet filter bowl lock - Filter cannot be opened under pressure - increased safety.
  • Integrated differential pressure indicator - Allows user to replace filter element at the proper interval.
  • Immersion-coated housing - Long-term protection against corrosion.

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