LifeTec™ P-SRF E Sterile Air Filter Elements

LifeTec™ P-SRF E Sterile Air Filter Elements

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The Donaldson LifeTec™ P-SRF E series pleated sterile depth filter meets the stringent requirements in the semiconductor and electronics industry and works reliable even under extreme operating conditions.

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The P-SRF E filter element  offers a very high dirt holding capacity, a low differential pressure and a high temperature tolerance which is ideal for electronics​ and semiconductor manufacturing processes.

The retention rate is > 99.99999995% rela­ted to 0.2 micron and > 99.99999995% related to 0.02 micron. The retention for nano-sized particles (0.003 μm) is larger than 99.999999991% as verified in a DIN EN 1822 adopted test.

The sturdy stainless steel construction permits more than 160 possible sterilization cycles at specified conditions and withstands high differential pressures in both flow directions. P-SRF E sterile filter elements ensure a safe and reproducible production.


  • Developed for the sterile filtration of air and gases in compressed air applications in the electronics and semiconductor industry.
  • High retention rate (bacteria, viruses and particles) down to 3 nm (na­nometers) to ensure product and process integrity
  • High temperature & mechanical resistance for outstanding performance, minimizes production down time and maintenance costs
  • Suitable for sterilization, using VPHP and ozone - this leads to reduced total cost of ownership

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