LifeTec™ P-SRF V Sterile Air Filter Elements

LifeTec™ P-SRF V Sterile Air Filter Elements

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The Donaldson LifeTec™ P-SRF V sterile filter element offers premier performance in compressed air, technical gas and tank venting filtration applications within the processed food and beverage industry.

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The P-SRF V filter element meets or exceeds sterility requirements for food and beverage industries such as, dairy, food ingredients and alcoholic beverages. The P-SRF V’s stainless steel construction and media allow for excellent performance in some of the most challenging processed food and beverage applications.

The depth filter media is non-fiber releasing and complies with the FDA requirements (Food and Drug Administration Title 21 CFR 211.72 latest edition) and (EC) No. 1935/2004 for indirect food contact use.

The element is capable of a log reduction value (LRV) of 9 at o 0.2 and 0.02 microns, and a LRV of 10 at 0.003 microns as verified in a DIN EN 1822 adopted test.


  • Developed for the sterile filtration of air and gases in venting applications in which CIP reagents are applied
  • High retention rate (bacteria, viruses and particles) down to 3 nm (nanometers) to help ensure product and process integrity
  • High temperature & mechanical resistance for outstanding performance and minimization of production downtime and maintenance costs
  • Suitable for sterilization, using VPHP and ozone - this leads to reduced total cost of ownership


  • Tank ventilation
  • Container aeration
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Fermentation air
  • Technical gases
  • Aseptic packaging of processed food and beverages

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