SB / SBP / P-SB Compressed Air Filter Elements

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Donaldson SB / SBP / P-SB particle filter elements are designed for the removal of oil, water, and particles from compressed air and gases.

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These filter elements contain a highly porous, sintered bronze filter medium which ensures the retention of coarse solid and liquid particles. The high-grade sintered bronze media guarentees 99.98% particle efficiency at 5 microns. The SB and SBP filter elements are suitable for AG / SG / HD filter housings. The P-SB filter elements are used in our P-EG and PG-EG housings.


  • Filter surface: 35 cm² (02/05) up to 3100 cm² (30/50) – Appropriate for any volume flow (SBP)
  • Void volume porosity grade larger than 60% – High dirt holding capacity: lower differential pressure (SBP)
  • Temperature range (constant temperature from -20° C  to +120° C / -4° F to +248° F) – Broad application spectrum (SBP)
  • Regenerative – Economical, longer service lifetime
  • Removal of all contaminants down to either 5, 25 or 50 microns – Guaranteed retention rate (SBP)
  • Silicone free version available (SBP)
  • Validated performance data – reliable achievement of compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1:2010 (SB)

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