SG Compressed Air Filter Housings

SG Compressed Air Filter Housings

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Donaldson SG steel filter housings are equipped with all of the features required to make this the most efficient and cost-effective filter for your compressed air system.

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The flanged housings offer low pressure drop through optimal flow-path design. The SG standard filter housings come with an Econometer differential pressure gauge and external float drain.

For increased energy savings, the SG is also available with an optional Economizer differential pressure gauge and UFM-D zero air-loss condensate drain.

Available in three different housing sizes from 2,936 to 7,829 m³/h / 1,728 to 4,608 scfm. Several different filter element types are available to meet specific purification requirements.


  • Three part housing design - easy installation and maintenance.
  • Optimized housing construction for lowest flow velocity - low pressure drop saves in purification costs of compressed air and gases.
  • Economizer with integrated microprocessor (optional) - determines the most cost-effective time to exchange the filter element.
  • UFM-D zero loss condensate drain (optional) - increased energy savings by allowing zero compressed air loss. Stores condensate external of filter housing, ensuring complete condensate removal from compressed air.

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