UFM-P Pneumatic Condensate Drains

UFM-P Pneumatic Condensate Drains

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UFM-P pneumatic level-controlled condensate drains are suitable for operation in explosion-endangered areas.

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The pneumatic controlled UFM-P condensate drain with its very compact design is available in five sizes. Features of the UFM-P drain include: a robust coated housing, low noise during draining procedure, and robust design that inhibits dirt ingression.

An automatic function control via LED display ensures safe operation at all times. The Ultramat™ UFM-P Float is easy to maintain and function-tested by the manufacturer.


  • Reliable drainage of large amounts of condensate
  • Problem-free drainage of pure oil by means of hydrostatic level measuring
  • Almost maintenance free
  • A minimum of installation work
  • Great function safety due to large drain bores
  • Pneumatic double membrane servo valve with long service life
  • A minimum of space needed due to small height of unit
  • Manual override
  • Operation without electricity, therefore applicable in hazardous areas

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